Free supervised Kid Care every Wednesday at 5pm!

Email us to let us know you'll be there!

Group Class
(In Red)
Group classes are for people who have gone through our Basics Course or who have completed a Fundamentals Course at another gym.

CrossFit Kids
(In Green)
This program is for children in grades K-6th. Students will learn the fundamental CrossFit movements as well as participate in CrossFit games where they will have fun while exercising. 

Faith Rx'd (In Purple)

This class takes place every other Tuesday from 7-8:15pm. The class starts off with a workout from 7-7:30pm and then ends with a Bible study from 7:35-8:15pm. Everyone is welcome to come and this class is FREE. No prior CrossFit experience needed.

Mobilitas Foundations (In Blue)

Mobilitas Foundations is a weekly program aimed at improving overall health, range of motion, decreasing pain and risk of injury. Our foundations program is twice per week for one hour each day and runs every week. Both sessions each week are designed to perfectly complement each other, teaching you everything you need to know about how to move safely and effectively. For more information visit click here. Fee associated with this class.

Mobilitas Rehab (In Blue)

Designed specifically to improve range of motion and decrease pain, this 8 week rehab program is designed to unbind your restricted body mechanics. Press the reset button and move the way your body was designed to move! This program will teach you all the basics to keep your body in good working condition, improve overall health, decrease pain and risk of injury. For more information visit click here.​ Fee associated with this course.

Around holidays, please check our Facebook page for adjustments to the schedule.