Gary Helmick (CF-L1)

Owner/Head Trainer

Gary Helmick owns and trains at CrossFit ReVamped in Columbia, Maryland. For the past three years he has dedicated himself to learning about the Sport of Fitness. Prior to CrossFit, Gary was a student/athlete at Towson University where he became an All-American short-stop. After college baseball Gary played in the Baltimore Orioles organization for two years.

CrossFit has simply become a lifestyle for me. Being a former elite athlete, I have been through many strength and conditioning programs over the years. None of these compare to what CrossFit has done for me physically, mentally and spiritually. CrossFit has woken a part of me that I didn’t know existed, giving me amazing results and revamping my performance gains and competitive edge again. CrossFit continuously keeps me on my toes and that’s what I love about it. The CrossFit community is such a fun, motivating, and hard working group of people. I strive to inspire my box and help teach the Sport of Fitness to the people of the community.”

 Gary competed at the 2013 Mid Atlantic Regional and placed second. He went on to the Games in Carson, California where he placed 38th overall taking a 2nd place finish in the Legless event.


Alea Helmick (CF-L1 & CrossFit Kids)

Photo: @aleahelmick giving her final push in event 7 at #midatlantic. #crossfit #teamprgnx

Alea owns CrossFit ReVamped with her husband Gary in Columbia, Maryland. She found CrossFit two years ago and has dedicated herself to the sport ever since. Prior to CrossFit, Alea ran track and field for Towson University where she held the 100m and 400m hurdle records. Alea currently is a 5th grade teacher by day and CrossFit coach in the evenings.

 “My husband, Gary Helmick introduced me to CrossFit after the Open in 2012. Since then I have been hooked. What I love most about CrossFit is working out with awesome people and striving to reach new goals! I love to compete and be challenged with complicated skills and lifts. CrossFit is now a regular part of my life and I love sharing the same passion with members at CrossFit ReVamped.”

 At the 2013 Mid Atlantic Regional Alea placed 4th overall. At the competition she walked away with two first place finishes and one second place finish.


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Colleen Graham (CF-L1)

Colleen, who is an engineer by day and coaches in the evenings, started at Crossfit ReVamped in February 2013. Colleen had tried numerous fitness plans but had yet to be satisfied with the results. After a few months of training, Colleen began to see the improvement she was looking for. Upon approaching her own fitness goals she quickly realized that she wanted to assist others in doing the same. Colleen decided to sit for the level one certification in January 2014.

“I started Crossfit in February of 2013 and was hooked the moment I walked in the door. I did not have a vast athletic background and had struggled with my body weight throughout my life (sometimes gaining and loosing 40 lbs at a time). I dabbled with various at home fitness programs and tried my hand at regular gym regimens, but was never satisfied and often became bored. I never felt like I could be as athletic as I have become or that I would be able achieve the strength levels of some of my peers, but Crossfit has proven me wrong! Along my Crossfit journey I have met an amazing group of individuals who are so supportive and have become part of my family. It is truly beautiful to see everyone push past his or her fears and weaknesses. The excitement that comes from reaching a goal makes every ounce of sweat worth it! Crossfit has empowered and inspired me.”


Lawrence Wilde (CF-L1)

Lawrence is an eight year Army veteran who found CrossFit near the end of his military service. He has been training at CrossFit ReVamped since January 2013 and recently received his Level 1 Certification in June 2013 and his CrossFit Gymnastics Certificaiton in October 2013. In addition to coaching at ReVamped, Lawrence also enjoys competing in local CrossFit individual and team competitions.

“As I was leaving the military I knew I had to find something to fill the void of the camaraderie that I had on a daily basis as a soldier.  CrossFit and especially my CrossFit ReVamped family has done that for me.  My favorite part about coaching is walking into the box every day and seeing the improvements being made and the sweat pouring off the members as they tackle skills and weights they never thought possible.”
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Certification 




Brian Blake (CF-L1)


Lisa O’Connor (CF-L1)