Protein Based Breakfasts

This post is by Vamper request! What are some easy protein-based breakfast ideas? We’ll share some background info and a few of our suggestions.

Understand that while it’s not required to include protein at breakfast, it’s highly recommended because of the benefits. To name a few, protein promotes “satiety” or feeling of fullness, which means including protein in your breakfast will have you feeling fuller, longer. Getting the munchies at night? Make sure you’re including protein at breakfast to help prevent this. Additionally, our muscle mass is affected by our protein intake, and including protein in your breakfast will help make sure you reach a good daily total. Research also shows there is benefit to an even distribution of protein across your day for best outcomes, rather than eating all your day’s protein in one meal. So, consume roughly similar amounts of protein in each meal, including breakfast. For general health, limit processed proteins to a couple times weekly.

Some favorite breakfast combos to get you started (adjust portions as needed for you)…

~ 2-3 scrambled eggs + 1 serving fresh fruit

~ Oatmeal (buy plain and flavor yourself) + 2-3 boiled eggs

~ Greek yogurt parfait (plain yogurt + fruit/granola/dry whole grain cereal)

~ Protein shake + whole fruit

~ Balanced Plate Smoothie – Protein powder/Greek yogurt + fruit + greens

~ Breakfast sandwich with whole grain English muffin, eggs/egg whites, lower fat breakfast meat like Canadian bacon

~ 2 slices whole grain toast with nut butter + ½ scoop protein shake

~ Overnight oats with protein powder or Greek yogurt added (SO many recipes, Google)

~ Veggie omelette + fruit/whole grain toast


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