Meal Prep: Fats

Fats are easy peasy to include in your meal prepping! Most of us actually tend to include MORE fats than we need. Pointers:

·      At 9 calories per gram, fats are twice as dense in calories than other calorie-containing foods. This means our relative portion sizes should be smaller. We don’t need to be obsessive, but it’s wise to measure your fats out to have a more specific idea of how much you’re adding. Shoot for a couple tablespoons or a thumb-sized portion in a meal when it comes to oils, dressings, or hummus, a handful of nuts or coconut as a snack.

·      Save your fats for the good stuff like a little butter on toast, guacamole on your sandwich, or peanut butter on your apple, and keep meat and dairy otherwise lean. Choose leaner ground beef, chicken breast, lean turkey, fish and pork. Simply CANNOT do without the chicken thighs or higher fat ground bison? Reduce your added cooking and topping fats to compensate.

·      Choose mostly unsaturated fats (instead of saturated ones). These are generally liquid at room temperature and largely from plants. (ie. avocadoes, nuts/seeds – oils from these, olive/canola/grapeseed oil, hummus, etc) Incorporate smaller amounts of saturated fats (usually solid at room temperature) like butter, coconut/coconut oil, ghee, fattier meats.

·      Nuts/nut butters are awesome 3-in-one foods that provide heart healthy fats (mostly), proteins AND a little carbohydrate. They’re perfect as snacks since they’re shelf-stable (for a while), promote fullness, and mix with a lot of other foods. Any type is fine (including peanuts).

·      Have trouble reeling in the portion size? Find pre-portioned fats in the form of single-serving guacamole, hummus, and nut butter, also perfect for snacks and lunches to-go (Available at some Costcos!).


Fats are friends!