Raise your hand if you love meal prep day! :: crickets :: Honestly, one of the more common hurdles I troubleshoot with my clients/patients is how to incorporate meal prepping so they can be successful with their recommendations, but also not want to burn down their kitchen in the process. Some love cooking, some not so much. So I’m going to start a little series to (hopefully) make some meal-prep lives a little easier and less stress-filled. First installment? A few general meal-prep mantras for our time-crunched lives:

1) Insta-perfection is not required. You do not need to have your fridge stacked high with containers filled with gorgeous culinary creations to be “doing it right.” If that’s your thing and you love it, you do you. But if making a sandwich is enough to stress you out, tone down your expectations and start with more low-key approaches. As long as you’re hitting your nutrition recommendations, that’s the goal.

2) Meal-prep doesn’t need to be all or nothing. Your routine can be anything you want it to be. You don’t need to have every single meal made for the week on Sunday to be successful. Nor do you have to prep the entire meal. You also don’t need to make everything from scratch! Figure out where your biggest problem areas are, and prep for those moments first, decide on the easier stuff later.

3) If you fall under the “barely have enough time to breathe” category, this might be a situation you do need to have almost everything ready to go. This can involve having all meals mostly made for the week, incorporating healthy convenience options, knowing where you can find healthy fast food options, using a meal-prep service, and often a combination of these. Stay tuned for future installments for specifics.4) At minimum, meal-prep will TRANSFER stress while helping to achieve success. Ideally, it helps REDUCE stress while being more successful. Yes, prepping takes some work, thought, and time. It also takes refinement. Stay the course and troubleshoot until you find that routine that optimizes hitting your nutrition recommendations while minimizing stress. Your routine is there! You just need to find it.

Meal Prepping Tips