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                   Murphy's Bee Farm 

At CrossFit ReVamped we sell all natural

honey bee products which include: 

Raw Honey

All Natural Callus Cream

All Natural Lip Saver



OMEGA+ Fish Oil

More Muscle (Increase Muscle Growth)

Recovery (Post Workout)

​Build (Post Workout Carbohydrate Recovery)

Force (Pre Workout)

Flow (Midday Protein)

Cocoon (Recovery Before Bed)

and more!




Progenex has an entire line of products from pre workout to post workout supplements. CrossFit ReVamped carries the Progenex line.

Don't Have Time To Meal Prep?  Try Power Supply

You can have fresh healthy meals delivered right to CrossFit ReVamped ready for you to heat up and eat. Power Supply delivers healthy meals twice a week. You order online and pickup here at ReVamped. For more information about this option visit their website by clicking HERE.

Getting Started

  • Don’t look at this as a “diet” but instead as a lifestyle change.
  • Try making small changes gradually.
  • Try 30 days of clean eating.
  • Involve your family, and make it a family affair.
  • Meal prep your food in advance.

What does it mean to eat clean? Clean eating means eating whole unprocessed foods, getting food from quality sources, such as local farms, grass fed meat, organic, free range, game meat etc.  and avoiding processed and refined foods and sugar.

What is Paleo? Following a paleo lifestyle, in its most basic form means: consuming high quality nutrient dense food, eating meat, vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, seeds and some fruit from quality sources, avoiding gluten, grains, legumes, sugar, processed dairy and processed foods.

What if Paleo just isn’t for me? Can I still eat clean? Following a Paleo lifestyle isn’t for everyone, that’s why we advocate eating whole unprocessed foods as much as you can. If you eliminate just 80% of the processed foods you eat, you will see not only see results you will feel better.

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