Listen to what a former ReVamped member said about us!

"Thanks again for having me back for a day, best workout I've had in a very long time. The environment still hasn't changed, everyone is still very excited to be there and work.  It felt awesome to come back and be part of that. I just wanted drop you guys a quick line and say that your programming is bounds above anyone else's in our area. At the box I'm at now, I'm one of the better athletes and I was sure I was going to walk into ReVamped, and destroy the workout.  Completely the opposite, I loved the workout, but found myself humbled by your athletes.  It was awesome to see and it also woke me up! I desperately needed that!  I was also explaining to my fiance' how great (strong) everyone looked, and it's because of the programming.  It may be hard for you to see because you see them almost everyday, but it has been a while for me, and I can really see the work people have been putting in. Anyhow, it was great to see everyone the other day and just wanted to let you guys know you still have an amazing program and we hate to not be part of it! Keep killin it!"

- From a former ReVamped member who moved away, but came back  to visit


Within each WOD we breakdown the workout into three different ability levels. You can be sure there will be a varriation that works for you or we will help you find one.

Scaled – Beginners typically start by choosing the “Scaled” option. This allows them to start with less weight and focus on technique.

Rx'd – This is designed for an experienced athlete who has done CrossFit before. The weights and movements progressively get more difficult.

Competitor – This is designed for the more competitive athlete. This program will allow the competitive athlete to test the most skillful movements and heaviest loads.

Part 1

Warm Up: Mobility techniques are incorporated to target areas that need specific attention before the workout. Our warm up is thorough and is thoughtfully designed to prepare for each workout.

Part 2
Strength/Skill Session: Strength and skills are a main area of focus during class. We design a strength program that will optimize your potential and help you to exceed your personal goals. We use a combination of static and dynamic strength sessions that allow members to get in volume as well as work with heavy loads. Skills are not overlooked at ReVamped. Technique is modeled and drilled with little to no weight in order to create good movement patterns. Gymnastic skills are taught in progression and tips and drills are practiced weekly.

Part 3
Workout of the Day (WOD): Each workout is designed with a greater goal in mind. Each workout is thoughtfully prepared in order to hit specific targets. Workouts range from a few minutes to upwards of 40 minutes long. We constantly vary the movements and time so no one workout is the same. The workouts test you mentally and physically. Each workout is broken down into three variations of the same workout utilizing many of the same movements. We identify movements and weights for three different categories of athletes. (Scaled, Rxd, Competitor)

At CrossFit ReVamped we deign a program that is comprehensive. We plan our program in advance and set specific goals that focus on improving the 10 General Physical Skills which define fitness. (Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy)

Each of our workouts include a coach led warm up, a strength/skill session, and a workout. Each part of the class is led by a highly qualified coach who models and demonstrates each movement. He/She coaches and cues members throughout the entire class and gives feedback during class.