Protein can be most challenging to plan when it comes to keeping things quick and easy but also good quality (…avoiding the processed meat trap). Keep in mind:

·      Short on meal prep time? Prioritize cooking protein (USE THAT SLOW COOKER). Have a big stash of 1 or 2 cooked proteins ready for the week that you can reheat with your dinners, add to meal prep containers, add cold to a salad or sandwich. Choose versatile options like slow cooker shredded chicken or seasoned ground turkey or beef.

·      Be cautious of processed proteins like lunch meat, jerky, sausage on breakfast sandwiches. Choose low-sodium and low-fat wherever possible with these. Incorporate them enough to help keep you on track, but not so much that they’re contributing a lot of your daily protein.

·      Schedule go awry? Have a back-up stash of protein snacks or know where you can easily find it (some go-to stores/restaurants).

Fav convenience protein sources: Boiled eggs (Pre-boiled options by Eggland’s Best at grocery stores, and at gas stations!), string cheese, good quality whey or other protein powder shake (See our Supplement Quality post for recommendations!), single serving Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, Fairlife Core Power shakes (watch the carbs/sugars, good post-workout option), Smash Packs or Fuel For Fire (also good carb-y post-workout or snack option), uncured low-sodium lunchmeat (Costco, Wegman’s, Trader Joe’s), rotisserie chicken, canned tuna/sardines, select protein bars (check your labels, minimize unnecessary ingredients, watch for high fat and added sugar content).