“From the start, I have always been an active individual. I danced since I was five years old and love spending as much time outdoors hiking and surfing. After having a rough start to early adulthood, my mentality for myself and my outlook on the world was extremely negative. CrossFit came into my life senior year of college and I jumped around between two gyms never really finding my place. I joined CrossFit Revamped about a year ago and discovered my real passion for fitness. The community at revamped had all the fun you could ask for, and yet the people were dedicated and extremely talented in the CrossFit world. I remember watching in awe of how strong these people were, and yet they would crack jokes like they were just casually hanging out. I became more and more involved and can happily say CrossFit Revamped has not only built up my muscles, but more importantly, my mentality. CrossFit gave me back my happiness and the confidence I needed. We all have our own baggage, but we show up everyday and push each other through Gary's insane programming, and that’s something you can’t find at a planet fitness."             - Nicole Triant

​I have always made strength training part of my Ironman training plan.  However, I was not getting enough out of it, other than to say I was lifting weights.  A change was needed.  After speaking to several people and getting recommendations, I decided to try Crossfit and specifically CrossFit ReVamped.   Wow!   I have gotten stronger, increased my range of motion and flexibility all in encouraging and positive community environment.  The coaches are all focused on proper technique and if you have limitations will work with you to modify the workout and help you to address that limitation.  Knowing I will get a great and challenging workout with positive and encouraging people, I look forward to going to CrossFit ReVamped, especially, on the long work days.  Since beginning CrossFit, I have qualified for Age Group Olympic Distance Triathlon Nationals and taken second, age group, in a trail race and I am able to keep up with my 16 year old!  CrossFit ReVamped is the best thing I have done to improve my performance!  Thank you Gary, Alea and the coaches!

                                                                                                                - Mark Lash


1 yr. of CrossFit

Zach Simonetti

Before CrossFit I wasn't able to stick to a training program. I tried running I tried lifting weights on my own, but nothing stuck.

Before                                                       After

"I joined Crossfit Revamped 2 years ago, after moving across country and having to start everything from scratch. Before the move, I suffered from severe postpartum depression for years with each of my kids. I will never forget spending my first Mother’s Day in the hospital because sadly, as my father did in 2000, I wanted out. I was at risk of a relapse with the stress of moving to Maryland and leaving all my friends behind, but Revamped miraculously came to the rescue! Crossfit did wonders for my mental and physical health. But above all, the Revamped community that welcomed me brought stability, warmth and pure joy to my life! Nothing can explain the excitement of tackling the most challenging workouts together, and witnessing a group become one. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear from members congratulating each other on their accomplishments at the gym or in their personal life. My daughter also does crossfit kids and I am so proud to inspire her through fitness. I couldn’t recommend the sport, this gym and it’s wonderful owners highly enough!"                                                                - Anne Ferguson 


"I’ve been going to CrossFit ReVamped since 2013. It seems that everyone that was there when I started, is still there.  It’s the only exercise regimen that I’ve been able to stick with.  It never gets boring and is always a little different.  I’m definitely not at the top of the pack at the box. I work at my own pace, and do what I can.  I am constantly amazed at the ability of others, from the ReVamped kids to older crossfitters like myself. There are new achievements virtually every night at the gym. ReVamped is also a community that gives back to the less fortunate. There are plenty of ReVamped outings and dinners!  Everyone fits in.  From your first WOD, you have an instant crowd of fans encouraging you and helping you every step of the way."                                                                 - Paul Boyle

"I joined revamped a year after I moved here to Maryland . During that year I had gained a lot of weight and was unhappy and having a hard time finding a place i fit in and could meet people. I remember my fist week at Revamped, watching how everyone supported each other was something I had never seen in the fitness would before! I remember telling one of the other members that all I wanted to do was to be able to keep up with my children. I can defiantly say that i can keep up with them and even at time have more energy than they do! I have not just lost weight but i have gained muscle and even more importantly confidence  in myself. Crosfit Revamped has been a huge life changer."                                                                                    

                                                                       - Jackie Donel


      "My story about how I got into Crossfit is that it was a total fluke! I stumbled upon the sport in 2010 in the midst of Krav Maga (Israeli self defense) training and while I enjoyed Krav Maga immensely I was also looking to do something more, something I could do long term. I just didn’t know what that something was. I guess you could say I didn’t know what I wanted to do until  I found it.  When I first began Crossfit I hated doing any kind of box jump, the thought of climbing a rope was terrifying, and lifting an empty bar bell over my head was unfathomable.
      Fast forward to 2018 and doing box jumps is no longer a big deal to me (although I'd love to be able to rebound), climbing a rope is one thing I am confident of, and lifting a weighted barbell over my head feels amazing! My approach to the sport is pretty simple and that is to do my best, not take myself too seriously, and reap from the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Crossfit ReVamped facilitates my growth in the sport, and a community that supports my goals and achievements.  
      I turned 50 this past August and while that is a big milestone I can honestly say I have never felt better. My mental outlook is quite different now. I am more willing to take chances and be adventurous. Physically I feel strong, not intimidated by new movements or new things in general.  While I may not catch on to things right away and a new movement or lift might take me a little time to perfect, I never give up.  I am much more willing to try, fail, learn and improve.  I can genuinely say I look forward and am excited about each workout that Gary programs. I know for newbies it can be very intimidating to imagine themselves doing any of these movements and to this I say just give it a chance, be open minded, and know we all started somewhere, so don’t sweat it."​   - Cindy Wooten

3.5 yrs. of CrossFit

Mollie Downey

Everyone is supportive of one another and everyone wants one another to do better. You just have to have an open mind.

"I think the greatest part of ReVamped is the community. I joined about a year ago, and I was immediately welcomed by the coaches and members. After the tough workouts, we spend hours laughing and having fun. Gary and Alea have done an excellent job at creating an environment where the gym is the best part of my day. I’m happy to be a Vamper!"

​                                           - Benny Groves

I have been doing CrossFit since 2013. Every member at ReVamped  is willing to help and cheer you on no matter if you are first or last. The staff is very experienced and has the ability to break down movements and techniques for beginners and advanced members. Revamped is my first Crossfit gym and I doubt that there are many out there like it.                               

                                      - James Bush III

​My name is Brandie and I started my CrossFit journey in 2012. I never realized what this sport was going to do for me and my family. I have joined almost every gym, done the classes, had personal trainers, signed up for races to motivate myself, but after all that, I was still heading in the wrong direction.​ And for the first time in my life I am finally starting to feel comfortable in my own skin and have found a drive I never knew I had. I cannot thank Gary and Alea and the entire Crossfit ReVamped family enough for what they have done for me. I am still working on me but I am getting there.  

​- Brandi Villafane


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When I walked into CFRV in 2013 I wasn't too sure what to expect. Gary, Alea and the entire Revamped community welcomed me with open arms. I never once felt like a stranger! At CFRV, we all strive to be better, healthier people and do it together. It doesn't matter if your trying to lose weight, compete, or just find a new way to stay healthy we all work together to achieve our goals! The members at CFRV have become family and I'm so blessed to have them in my life!                                                

- Ashley Russell

“If you didn't know me before Crossfit Revamped, it's hard to explain the full change that occurred because of this awesome place.  I didn't play sports in high school or college and wasn't able to find the fun or motivation in going to the gym.  Deciding to give Crossfit a try was the best thing to ever happen to me.  Initially, I was afraid that I needed to already be fit in order to Crossfit, but the encouraging and fun community that is at Revamped wiped away that worry immediately.  The coaches answer any question or concern I have about the workouts and make sure that I am constantly challenged to become the version of myself that I want to be.  The community is super encouraging and always provides for a fun time as we push each other through the workouts.  When I started Crossfit I couldn't do a single pull up and now they've become one of my favorite movements. I have never felt better in my life and owe it all to Crossfit Revamped!”                 - TJ Kozakiewicz