Each open wod is a little mini version of a competition, so the same basic principles apply:

·      Don’t try anything fancy during these 5 weeks, stick to what you’ve been practicing and what your body knows.

·      Now is NOT the time for a cut to “be lighter.” We apply ourselves more during these workouts than normal, more energy is exerted, meaning you need adequate fuel on board to perform AND recover! Remember you have another wod to do next week (and if you’re one to do repeats, even sooner, so this is crucial).

·      Each wod, depending on the layout, will have special little nutrition tweaks to optimize, but in general, have fuel on board about 90 min to 2 hours prior, some easily digestible protein and carbohydrate like a ½ a bagel and a couple boiled eggs (or whatever you’re used to and fits your personal bill). Plan to have your post-workout meal within an hour or so as normal.

·      Consider adding a little extra carbohydrate to your post-open wod meal to encourage optimum replenishing of your glycogen stores for recovery and repeat attempts. Similarly, a little extra carb in the couple days leading up to your open wod can help make sure those stores are good and ready to roll.

·      Feel free to be extra snooty about food quality during this time. We’re pushing boundaries extra hard for 5 straight weeks, meaning we can anticipate some extra inflammation. Limit the processed stuff with lots of added sugars to help reduce this. If you react badly to certain foods, keep these to a minimum during this time.

·      Remember your other recovery necessities like sleep and stress management! Nutrition is just one part of the picture.


The Open