Warning Signs

Sugar is poison! You need supplements! The Keto diet cures cancer! Dietitians spend a lot of time cringing at all the bad nutrition information available to the general public. We are literally surrounded by it, and the fitness industry is a particularly vulnerable place. The sad reality is that there just isn’t enough regulation to filter out the falsities, and there is a lot of opportunity for people to intentionally AND unintentionally spread information that may be unhelpful or even HARMFUL to you. We have to protect ourselves. Here are some warning signs to indicate you’re wandering into shady territory:

§  Promising a quick fix. Are you looking for temporary results or lifetime success? It took as many years as you are old to get where you are, be realistic and patient about how long it will take to change that. If you can’t see yourself sticking with a recommended set of habits long-term, research other options.

§  Shock tactics and extremes. These are strong statements/approaches that are intended to pull a reaction out of you. Sound nutrition is seldom extreme and far less sexy than the trendy diets and taglines will lead you to believe. Be strong, avoid falling into the trap. 

§  Oversimplifying. Good nutrition is built on the science of your body’s function, which is anything but simple. Add in individual differences, and there is NO one size fits all answer. Luckily, you have resources. Nutrition professionals are trained to filter and deliver this information in a way that works for you. See the link below.

§  No science to support the claim. If there are no referenced resources, do more research. Check reputable sources online, or talk to your doctor, registered dietitian, or other equipped professional to verify what you’ve read before jumping in.

§  “Good” and “Bad” foods. Individual needs make some foods better/worse than others, but there are few absolutes in nutrition (or science), meaning almost no foods are good/bad 100% of the time.


Need help sifting through the information? Find a registered dietitian athttps://www.eatright.org/find-an-expert